Our Ambition

We believe in the free market and human endeavor. We shall treat our customers, employees, partners and the society as a whole with honesty, dignity, fairness and respect. We shall conduct our business according to the highest ethical standards.

Our Mission

To incrementally improve living and working conditions for people while striving to protect the environment and preserve energy. To offer the latest technology to our clients and use it in the service of people.

What We Value

Decency: Honesty and fairness – this is how we conduct our business, as well as the guiding principle we follow in our dealings. We are a company that keeps its promises. We do what we say we’ll do and we do it following our ethical code.

Customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is the source of benefit to our employees, suppliers and the company as a whole. We shall exceed our customers’ expectations by continually improving on our quality, service, productivity and delivery periods.


Our employees: The brains, free spirit and engagement of our employees is what gives us our strength. We are dedicated to their fair and effective selection, development, motivation and recognition. We shall provide our employees with the necessary means, training and support to help them achieve excellent results with regards to customer satisfaction.


Innovation and improvement: We seek improvement and innovation in every aspect of our business.


Safety and protection of the environment: Our products, services and work spaces reflect our belief that what is good for the environment and healthy for people is also good for Klima In Group International


Main Goals: We shall exceed our customers’ expectations by continually improving on our quality, service, productivity and delivery periods.


Technology: We use word-class technology in our products and services.


Growth: We seek growth and new horizons for our business.


Market Leadership: We only work in segments of the market where we are or can become the recognized leader.

Today success in business is determined not only by financial results, but also has a broader meaning. In this day and age companies are expected to not only make a profit, but also to remain socially engaged.


We have learned that in order to achieve long-term success, we need to invest not only in our business, but also in people and the environment. Our lasting initiatives help make sure that we’ll continue to have access to the recourses and people we need to grow and reach the coming generations. Our approach to our customers is unique. We work together with our clients to understand their business needs, and we create individual solutions which are specifically designed to respond to those needs. We are responsible for the implementation of our solutions, and therefore also for guaranteeing the results we have promised to our clients. Our products offer comprehensive solutions that improve on our clients’ business.

Klima In Group International Ltd has been in the market since 1997 and through the years has proven itself to be a reliable partner in the fields of heating, air conditioning, ventilation, air conditioning automation, energy preserving technologies, humidifying equipment and integrated automated home systems (Smart House).

Klima In Group International Ltd is the official representative for:

Carel Spa. humidity and control

Arianna S.p.A.

AMX Ltd.



Swegon AB 
Windex Air Conditioning


The company focuses on providing comprehensive solutions to the needs of its clients based on the latest technological advancements and products offered by the leaders in the field – Sanyo, Carel, Climate Master, Swegon and AMX. We take care of design, delivery, installation, warranty and non-warranty service.


Our products are applicable to every area of business and daily life that requires the maintenance of specific air parameters: moisture, temperature, fresh air flow, system control and energy preservation.


Klima In Group International Ltd has worked on a number of different locations such as hotels, business centers, industry plants, restaurants, night clubs, offices, houses and apartments.


Klima In Group International Ltd’s main goal is to satisfy the needs of its customers by applying the latest in technology and human accomplishment in the field.